On the Set of Silent Hill Clip


Silent Hill PosterThe Starz channel aired a 14 minute short in which all the actors, prodcucers, and director spoke about the film in depth. Obiviously there are some very generous fans out there that decided to upload it online for our viewing pleasure. All of the interviews during the documentary are interspliced with all sorts of new clips and behind the scenes footage from the film. There are some fantastic clips in which you can see many of the creatures from Silent Hill including the menacing Red Pyramid.

During the feature they go very indepth about the film, everything from wardrobe changes to the shifting environments. It is very informative and since Silent Hill doesn't open until April 21st I suggest you check out this clip before you run out to see it. If you want the Hi-Res version you can download it here. Remember what happened to Slither? Lets not let that happen to this film. Remember to check it out this Friday. I know I will.

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