Tobe Talks Damned Thing


Tobe Hooper recently spoke with Sci Fi Wire about his upcoming entry into the Masters of Horror series. A story that we have not been privy to before called "Damned Thing" which is a short story written by Richard Matheson. His first segment Dance of the Dead was also a short story written by Matheson, so I guess that would be a cue for all you horror literature buffs to look this guy up.

Hooper had very little to say about the story in particular except, "It's about the exploration of some 'damned thing,' and people find it, and they'll say, 'What is that damned thing?' And that's what the story is about. I want to leave some mystery to it."

To bring you up to speed on who will be in the next season of Masters of Horror there will be Hooper of course, joining returning directors Dario Argento, Stuart Gordon, and John Carpenter. New comers this year include Tom Holland (Child's Play), Brad Anderson (Session 9), and Ernest Dickerson (Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight). Of course none of them are set in stone but as of right now they are in. Last year a couple directors backed out as well so expect that list to change alittle before anything major is announced.

Hooper also went on to mention that he is working on getting some of his films put into comic form. Now we all know that Leatherface has gotten his face adorned on comics all over so this leads to believe that he has another movie that he plans to bring to life in comics.

If you are wondering what features Hooper has in mind next he's not so sure himself. He revealed that he has been strongly influenced by Japanese horror director Kyoshi Kurosawa and might have something up his sleeve. But he says he enjoys working within the Masters of Horror segment and having the final cut on whatever he decides to do.  

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