Douglas Buck to Helm Sisters Remake


Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America Movie Poster Click for Fullsize ImageThis comes as no surprise that Douglas Buck will be behind the camera for the upcoming remake of "Sisters". He has mentioned it several times before and this is just the confirmation. The film will star Lou Doillon, Asia Argento, David Cronenberg, Chloe Sevigny and Stephen Rea.

The script was written by Buck and John Freitas and centers on a young woman, played by Doillon, who leads a disturbingly sheltered existence at the hand of her controlling psychiatrist (Rea). A nosey reporter (Sevigny), suspicious of the doctor's motives, gets involved, leading to her witnessing a homicide.

Buck has a his own take on how to direct Sisters, "In the original film, which I love, DePalma chose style over substance. I'm interested in exploring all the other stuff that's there -- the perversity, the tragedy, the sadness. All those character traits make it, to me, more interesting. I want to make the characters more alive."

I know Buck can handle this kind of movie. Buck is a very talented director and if you need any reassurance of that you need to pick up a copy of Family Portraits. We will keep you updated on this project as the news comes out.

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