The Science of Slither


Apparently the Science Fiction of Slither’s alien life forms has some plausibility in actual science. I’m sure you’re all excited at the prospect of real-life alien invasion of the slimy orifice-penetration-kind. Much more interesting than the hydrocephalic grey midget variety. Well, Wil McCarthy, who seems to be an actual rocket scientist (his credits and references are available at the bottom of his article for has broken down the science of Slither’s slugs, their parasitic behavior, mind-control abilities, even the corrosive green slime their hosts are able to spit.

Even better, McCarthy is willing to offer his expert advice on survival tactics that might come in handy during a Slither slug attack. More generally, he suggests that we all, “keep Wil’s Horror Movie Litany in mind: ‘Shotgun, chainsaw and sweet cleansing fire.’”So check out his entertaining and “educational” article here.

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