Slade Talks 30 Days of Night Movie


The director of the upcoming 30 Days of Night, David Slade, was out talking about his film hitting theatres today, Hard Candy, when he commented on his next project. The movie of course is based on the Steve Niles comic in which a sleepy Alaskan town is trapped in complete darkness for 30 Days. During that period the town is overwhelmed by vampires. Left to protect the town is the husband and wife team who serve as the Sheriff and deputy.

Slade spoke with Zap2It and revealed that he hopes on begining production for the film in late July. He will be shooting in New Zealand under Sonys Ghost House Production shingle that is overseen by Sam Raimi. He will be shooting from a script by his partner that worked with him on Hard Candy, Brian Nelson. An earlier draft was written by Niles himself and scribe Stuart Beattie.

"There is a degree of responsibility to Ben Templesmith's artwork, which will be reflected in the production design, absolutely," Slade told the site. "There were three drafts written before I came to this project and I believe that Brian's draft is the most faithful to Steve Niles' writing and Steve has been in the loop."

He went on and spoke about the hardships of filming a vampire film, "We're faced with a tremendous task, which is making a scary vampire film. There aren't many of them. You can count them on two fingers," he says referring to "Salem's Lot" and "Nosferatu." "The rest of them, they fall into all kinds of traps. We're going to try to do our best to make a third one and one of the ways we have to do it is to be more naturalistic than the graphic novel, because it's very over-the-top."

Slade promised to make his film "goopy and disgusting and visceral... something that just hits you in the chest". Sounds like this guy knows what he has to do. Hopefully he will capitalize and make a decent Vampire flick for us to enjoy. Keep it here for more news on Slades adaptation of 30 Days of Night.

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