New Creepshow 3: The Radio Trailer


Scott Dudelson dropped us an e-mail to let us know that you can now view the next trailer for The Radio. One of the stories from Ana Clavell and Dudelsons Creepshow 3

This particular story follows, Jerry a part-time security guard, full-time loser. He has no goals or dreams other than drink himself senseless and listen to the game on the radio. When his radio breaks down he buys a used one from a street vendor. He soon discovers that this is not ordinary radio. Not only can it have a conversation with him but it can tell him how to get wealthy. Jerry obeys his new "friend", to the point he does truly terrible things. Yet his undoing may not be his bad actions but his crush for Eva, a prostitute.

This will be the first time George Romero or Stephen King have nothing to do with the series. I really enjoy anything that is based on the old E.C. comics so hopefully even though Romero and King are not involved I will enjoy this movie as well. Check out the trailer under the media section at the Creepshow 3 Official Website

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