Re-Cycle Movie Poster and Website


MoviesOnline tipped me off that the official website for the very talented Pang Brothers' next film "Re-Cycle" has just appeared online. There isn't much that you can because the whole site is in Japanese but you can click around and check out some of the cool stuff that is there.

Along with the debut of the website we also got a nifty poster for the movie as well that you can see below. If you are unfamiliar with the Pang Brothers work, I highly suggest picking up a copy of The Eye. By far the best movie by the duo and its been available in the states for a very long time.

Re-Cycle is the tale of an alternate plane of reality parallel to our own, one that serves as a dumping ground for discarded and forgotten hopes, dreams, and desires. As those dreams are discarded they are caught up in this alternate reality.  Angelica Lee stars as a young writer who is working on her second novel, a supernatural story, who gets drawn into this alternate reality after discarding an early draft of her work.

Re-Cycle Poster

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