Eli Roth Reveals Plans for Cell


One of our readers, Mike C, sent us in a nice little scoop. Eli Roth has been doing his rounds being interviewed by practically every website on the net.. (Except us!). During one of those interviews he began talking about what he has always wanted to do in a zombie film aka Cell.

"The book is really about how cell phones have completely invaded all aspects of our culture and what if these people suddenly took over the world. I've always wanted to do a total, full-on, Armageddon zombie apocalypse. In the zombie movies whenever the moment turns and everyone becomes zombies, you never see it happening all over the world. You always see it on television, news flashes or quick flashes from another country, but you never actually see it like the way Roland Emmerich did it in The Day After Tomorrow. What if you took the Roland Emmerich approach and in the first 20 minutes of the movie, you actually saw everything going completely to hell in a matter of minutes. I want to see cars smashing into each other, people jumping out of buildings, people in movie theaters ripping each others' throats out. I want to see total chaos and Armageddon around the world."

Hell yea! Thats what I want to see in an Eli Roth zombie film.. Bring it on Roth. Make the horror fans a film that never holds back and is balls to the wall, all out zombie film.

If you want to read more from this interview check it out here. He also mentions his long overdue Rotten Fruit DVD.

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