Masters of Horror DVD Art and Set Report


It appears that John Landis' Deer Woman and Lucky McGee's Sick Girl entries have now recieved some DVD art for their releases. Oddly enough Amazon got their hands on it before anyone else did. You can check out that artwork below.

Going with the Masters of Horror theme Fangoria recently went on the set of John Landis' next episode for Season 2 Family, written by Brent (Fraility) Hanley. This time around he has cast the "unassuming" George Wendt (King of  the Ants). Wendt will play a seemingly normal suburban man with some skeletons in his closets and voices in his head.

Landis spoke about casting Wendt for the part, “For me, the most fun was casting George,” Landis tells Fango. “I asked all my friends, ‘Who’s the least threatening guy you know?’ At least six said, ‘Norm from CHEERS.’ So I called George, and asked, ‘Would you be interested in doing this?’ And I sent him the script. I’m delighted he’s doing it. I don’t think people are prepared for how scary he can be.”

Landis leads off, and Dario Argento has just started filming Pelts, a script by Matt Venne. Third will be Tobe Hooper, followed by John Carpenter who will be directing a Drew McWeeny/Scott Swan-scripted Pro-Life. That leaves Ernest Dickerson, Joe Dante, Stuart Gordon, Mick Garris, Brad Anderson and Tom Holland.

Here is the artwork that we mentioned above. I'm looking forward to seeing the John Landis episode. He has strayed from horror for to long so it will be good to see if he still has it.

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