Candy Stripers on DVD


Our partners in crime at MoviesOnline have provided us with the cover art and specs for the upcoming Candy Stripers. I heard mention of a couple actresses in this movie and I was sold, Playboy Playmates Deanna Brooks (Playboy Playmate: Pajama Party, Playboy Playmate: 50 Years of Playmates) and Serria Tawan (Playboy: Hot Lips, Hot Legs). Hopefully they will be providing some T&A for the film.

Brooks and Tawan star in this hot horror film about a group of small town college students who find themselves trapped in a hospital overrun by beautiful candy stripers whose bodies have been taken over by aliens.  Entertaining and frightening, Candy Stripers is a must own horror film.  Own it on DVD June 27

Injured in an out-of-town college basketball game, Matt and his teammates end up in the local hospital.  During their stay, Matt quickly finds out that this is not an ordinary hospital.  Besides the fact that gorgeous young candy stripers attend to the patients’ every need, they also seem to be changing before Matt’s eyes.  The candy stripers begin seducing all the men in the hospital and wrapping them up in a disgusting weblike substance.  Matt realizes that time is running out; he and his friends must get out of the hospital.  Unwillingly, Matt’s friends follow his lead, and they find themselves in a life and death struggle to leave.

DVD Bonus Features Include:

  • Audio- English 5.1
  • Subtitles- English, French
  • Widescreen Presentation- 1.85 Widescreen Anamorphic
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