Re-Cycle Movie Trailer Online


Re-Cycle PosterA couple days ago we showed you the poster and let you know that the Pang Brothers official website for Re-Cycle was up. Today Twitch was nice enough to isolate some links from the trailers that are available on the website. Now instead of guessing which Chinese characters to click on, you got some straight links.

The visuals in this trailer and teaser are amazing. Thats some what expected from the Pang Brothers.. They will always deliver. Re-Cycle is schedueled to hit Hong Kong theatres on July 6th.

There is an alternate plane of reality parallel to our own, one that serves as a dumping ground for discarded and forgotten hopes, dreams, and desires. As those dreams are discarded they are caught up in this alternate reality.

Lee stars as a young writer who is working on her second novel, a supernatural story, who gets drawn into this alternate reality after discarding an early draft of her work.

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