Exclusive Stagknight Photos


Today I checked out my mail box and lo and behold I got a message from the folks at Stagknight letting me know about there little film. I had heard about this project but it sounded quite odd. Still does but something about the short description they gave me intrigues me.

UK comedy horror from Writer/Director Simon Cathcart. "The Weekend Warriors" the worst painball team in the UK league re-form for one last testosterone charged atmosphere for their team captain’s bachelor party weekend. Things really get nasty when a giant killing machine enters the game. Stagknight pick ups where "Shaun of the Dead" left off delivering large on black satire, outrageous kills, hot babe action and a cool nod to every teen classic from Predator to Porky’s.

Maybe its the mention of Predator and Porky's in the same sentence. I'm not sure. They also sent us some still from the film as well. I must say they are pretty interesting. They almost look like stills from two different movies.. Well click on the horror picture below to check out the other more comedic image in our Stagknight gallery. The film is due out sometime this year. Their official website also has a trailer and some nice downloads. I'll keep you guys informed on what is going on with the project.

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