Blood Trails Movie Trailer


Blood Trails PosterWell I've got another trailer for you guys. This is one I have been looking forward to checking out. If you remember correctly this the movie I gave you guys the heads up about a month ago with the kick ass movie poster.

Now its April and the Dead By Dawn Film Festival has been going down so its time for trailers. This one is very impressive especially when you take into account that it is an indie project. Check this bad boy out.

Blood Trails follows a bike messenger, Anne, who bumps into Chris on a last-minute delivery route, next thing she knows she ends up in his apartment. Tortured by a vicious hangover and her bad conscience the next morning, she proposes a romantic weekend in their mountain cottage to her boyfriend.

Her plan seems to work, as their amorous getaway starts off harmoniously. But on their first trip out, down the mountain bike trails of a deserted wilderness, Chris suddenly appears. He murders Anne's boyfriend before her eyes - marking just the beginning of his deadly hunt.

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