Spike TV's Awards Show Scream 2006


We all know that horror is slowly the genre responsible for bringing home the money in the box office. So finally TV has began to follow suit with Masters of Horror, the Blade TV series, and Nightmares and Dreamscapes. Of course just as I thought this has became a race with all networks to capitalize on the popularity.

Its no surprise that Spike TV is the channel behind this next show, already having the Blade TV show in their back pocket. Sometime in October they plan to air "Scream 2006". Which according to Casey Patterson, senior vp event production and talent development at Spike TV, "will honor the best in film, TV, video games, comic books and music with a mix of serious awards for outstanding past and present people or programing to such light categories as highest body count in a movie and best blood-curdling scream."

Hopefully this will be better than their Video Game Awards Shows have been. Currently they are scouting locations in Los Angeles were they plan to shoot in September. 

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