Wall Talks Halloween Sequel and More


Jake Wade Wall has become the go-to guy in the big studio horror films recently. So he has been given alot of projects to write for. Most notably is the Halloween film which he has titled "Halloween: The Missing Years".

Moviehole managed to speak with Wall about the script and revealed alot about what he has planned for the film, "What I wanted to do was to say, forget about all of those old characters. This is about Michael. There will be new characters – new kids. And it will be set around Michael’s real home ‘Smith’s Grove’, which is where the asylum was, some 150 miles away from Haddonfield”. His script will take place during the time he was locked up in the insane asylum before he escaped.

He also spoke about how delighted Sony was with When A Stranger Calls and that they were working on a sequel before it even hit theatres. Apparently due to its performance in the box office they are fast tracking a sequel. WHY?! The real problem I have with this is that they are bringing back Camilla Belle. Apparently we will be learning more about the stranger this time around. Yay..

Lastly Wall spoke about the Hitcher Remake which I still say is a very bad idea. Of course people don't hitchhike anymore so Wall mentioned that he will be making the villian much more calculating. Apparently the shoot will be taking place this summer with director Dave Meyers.

So we got some good news with the Halloween sequel and some depressing news that the remake is still king in Hollywood. I don't see them slowing down anytime soon either. Well, until I hear more keep it here for more horror news.

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