Mike Mendez Reveals Plans for the Future


Mike Mendez's Gravedancers has been recieving alot of coverage and has recieved some rave reviews just coming off of its fun at the Tribeca Film Festival. As you guess that means his next project is going to be closely monitored. B-D was lucky enough to snag Mendez away from the glitz and glamour for awhile to see what he has next on his plate.

"I got a couple of irons in the fire, we'll see what comes to fruition first. I'm working with a writer, Evan Katz on a really cool film called "100 Demons," which is an action horror film. And there is also a project that has not been announced yet, that I will be working with a "Master" of Horror, in my book, "THE Master" of Horror. But Hopefully that will get announced at Cannes. It's insanely cool."

Mendez also mentioned that he may be appearing on the Masters of Horror series sometime in the near future. I'm hoping to see some good things from this guy in the future. For those of you who are looking to become famialar with his work check out The Convent. Keep it here for more news on Mendez and his upcoming projects.

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