The Omen International Movie Trailer


The Omen (2006) PosterFox has been trying everything to really push their new antichrist remake The Omen. With a perfect release date that has allowed them to do some really unique advertising. Right now it looks like they are infecting Japan because the trailer has just appeared online for the Japanese viewing audience. Its a great look at the movie as most of the international trailers are way more entertaining than the somewhat bland trailers we occasionally receive.

This time around Fox has hired John Moore to take Richard Donners place in the directors seat. Starring in the remake will be Liev Schreiber, Julia Stiles and Mia Farrow. You can check out the trailer here.

The prophecy is clear, the signs unmistakable: Armageddon is upon us. On 6/6/06, the omen is revealed...and our darkest fears are realized. "The Omen," a contemporary thriller based on the 1976 classic film, centers around a young boy named Damien, the son of an American diplomat and his wife. Damien's family is unaware he is destined to become the Anti-Christ – until shattering events reveal the terrifying truth.

The end is near.. 6/6/06

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