Wrong Turn 2 Shooting and Casting


Wrong Turn is a unique film in the sense that either you loved it or you hated it. Perosnally I thought it was great with Stan Winston doing all the creature effects and seeing Eliza Dushku running around in a tight wife beater. Good stuff.

Recently it was announced that there would be a direct to DVD sequel which for now is still going by Wrong Turn 2. The Hollywood North Report revealed that shooting would begin on May 29th thru June 30th at The Bridge Studios in Burnaby, Vancouver. Joe Lynch will be directing a script written by Turi Meyer and Al Septien. This time around the story will focus on Ma and Pa, oddly enough brother and sister who spawned the mutants from the first film.

Casting has been kept under wraps until Henry Rollins did an interview with MovieWeb. When he was asked what projects he was working on he brought up Wrong Turn 2, "I'm doing a movie in June, Wrong Turn 2! As opposed to Wrong Turn 1. It's some kind of zombie film and the director I really like a lot. He's just a cool dude and he and I get along great; Joe Lynch. He's got a lot of energy. I like to be around people who are pumped up. And we're gonna have a good time up in Vancouver, all of June escaping blood thirsty zombies. Which is what you need... (laughs) So I'm looking forward to that."

I'm not sure if he has read the script yet but I'm guessing he has seen some of the creature concepts and concluded from those that this is another zombie film. Well at least we have something to look forward to with the sequel. I have been a fan of Henry Rollins for awhile and so I think this will be a nice addition to the film.

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