A New Re-Animator Triology in the Works


Brian Yuzna's Fantastic Factory will be folding soon so Yuzna has teamed up with Ray Haboush and Ted Chalmers to launch Halycon International Pictures. Along with this new production shingle they plan on bringing many new projects. But most notably they will be developing House of Re-Animator.

Yuzna spoke with Fangoria about the project,  “We want to cast big on this one,” Yuzna tells Fango. “If we get the budget, we want to have great supporting actors. Stuart is going to talk with William H. Macy, who just did EDMOND for him, to play the President of the United States.”

This sequel will of course take place in the White House and will reteam all your favorites from the original Yuzna, Stuart Gordon, scripter Dennis Paoli and stars Jeffrey Combs and Bruce Abbott. House will be the first film in a planned triology of new Re-Animator films.

If you want more information or to check out some more projects by Halycon International Pictures you can check out there site here.

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