SV Bell and She-Demons


Today I received word from SV Bell that he has a new project coming down the pipeline. But first I found out that Mr.Bell was named one of the Top 10 Best Filmmakers in Montreal by the Montreal Mirror. A very nice accomplishment.

SV Bell is well known for the campy feel of his movies. If you enjoy old drive-in movies of the past you should really check out some of Bells work. I had the privilege of reviewing one of his short films "Irish Whisky". It was a weird step back in time, reminescent of an old Twilight Zone episode.

Now unto his next project which will be titled She-Demons of the Black Sun. He let us know what he has to do with that film. "The final cut of my new feature film is now nailed down for good, after 18 months of hard work, and I am working lately on compiling the extras to add to the DVD. The film looks great, I am very happy with this one and I sure can't wait to show it to everyone, and have it to premiere (hopefully) at FanTasia this summer!"

So for those of you who live in the frozen north, you might be one of the first to get a glimpse at Bell's new feature. If you would like to find out more about SV Bell and his films check out his official website here.

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