Brett Sullivan Speaks on New Project


Brett Sullivan has under the microscope since his impressive sequel to the Ginger Snaps franchise with Ginger Snaps: Unleashed. His next film which is almost done is called The Chair.

Today details on his next film have been revealed by the Horror Channel who were lucky enough to interview the man. Sullivan told the site about his upcoming film Denise's Back, "The story is about a girl who killed someone in this really nasty way when she was 14, and spent 7 years in a psych ward, and now she’s come back to her hometown and this legend has been built up around her and what she did. Word’s spread all over this little town, and the entire town is terrified of what she might do to them."

Sounds like a great idea for a film and with Sullivan behind the camera you can bet it will packed with high production values. He didn't reveal when he plans on starting the project but Sullivan usually has his films done in record times.

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