Macy is President in the House of Re-Animator


Last week it was anounced that Yuzna and his new production company Halcyon International Pictures were going to begin a new Re-Animator trilogy starting with House of Re-Animator. In the original article they expressed interest in getting William H. Macy to play the president and now they have officially confirmed that they have signed him up.

House of Re-Animator will focus on a "Bush-like" president who dies in office. In order to keep everything in order they call in Dr. Herbert West to save the day. As you can imagine all havoc ensues.

This sequel in the Re-Animator franchise will reunite many of the original folks from the previous films including director Stuart Gordon, producer Brian Yuzna, writer Dennis Paoli and lead actor Jeffrey Combs. Keep it here for more on House of Re-Animator.

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