Silent Hill Origins Trailer


Shizzle Dizzle! I love when things come in ... ummm. two's? So yeah anyrate got a new horror game trailer, this time its for Silent Hill Origins. I was first put onto this a week or so ago and now we have your first look at the E3 Trailer. Check it out here

The first handheld title in the legendary horror series, Silent Hill Origins uses the PSPTM to tell an original story with disturbing graphics and all-new gameplay elements. The game's narrative reveals the origins that transformed Silent Hill from a sleepy town to a hellish stronghold of terror and introduces several new characters to the franchise.

Silent Hill Origins follows a solitary truck driver stranded in Silent Hill while making an ordinary trip. Confronted by perversions of his imagination that mirror his troubled past, he must escape from the town as it falls into ruin and also uncover the truth behind the hallucinations that have haunted him for so long.

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