Zombie's El Superbeasto Acquires Voice Talent


El Superbeasto has been talked about for a long time now and we are finally getting some feedback from the trades. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Paul Giamatti will headline the voice cast of "Rob Zombie Presents the Haunted World of El Superbeasto," in production at IDT Entertainment's Burbank studio. Giamatti will be lending his voice to Dr. Satan, the bad ass villain.

This animated cartoon actually arose from the comic book by Rob Zombie, "The Haunted World of El Superbeasto". The film follows the exploits of a washed-up Mexican wrestler, El Superbeasto, in the mythic world of Monsterland. El Superbeasto will be voiced by Tom Papa, his sister Susie X will be voiced by Sheri Moon Zombie and the robot Murray will be voiced by Brian Posehn.

IDT Entertainment is handling all of the distribution which means Anchor Bay will be unleashing all the goods on DVD for us. I've read some of the comics and all I can say is get ready for a trippy ride. This is one cartoon that you'll have to send the kids out of the room for.

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