Gimme Skelter Update


Today in my mail box I found an e-mail from our good friend and director Scott Phillips. His last film Stink of Flesh was a refreshing new take on the zombie genre. Just when I thought I had seen every angle played out at least 10x Phillips laid the smack down with that film.

Now he is hard at work on finishing up his next film Gimme Skelter. This film will take place in a small, sleepy little town in New Mexico that is over run by crazed serial killers one of which might be the son of Charles Manson. Yes, there will be gore...

Here is a little bit of what Scott had to tell us about where he is at in the process of finishing the film. "We wrapped principal photography on Gimme Skelter Sunday. Now we've just got a couple of pick-ups to shoot and then I begin editing... the shoot
went well and I think we got some really good stuff. Gunnar Hansen was terrific, a really cool guy. Scott Spiegel had to drop out at the last minute, so Ken (The Halfway House) Hall stepped in to play that part. Trent Haaga kicks ass in the flick, too -- as do the entire cast

He also let me know that if you head over to the Gimme Skelter MySpace page you can check out a couple of behind the scenes photos. Make sure you keep it here because we will be getting some nice goodies very soon.

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