Night of the Living Dorks Picked Up


Everyones favorite distribution company when there not releasing another edition of Evil Dead, Anchor Bay has picked up U.S., U.K. and Australian theatrical, video and TV rights to Atlas International's zombie comedy "The Night of the Living Dorks". The film has been traveling the festival circuit since 2004 and even was shown at Cannes.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Anchor Bay will be re-dubbing the film in English from its original German. The producers of the film are in talks to make an English-language remake of the film as well.

Mathias Dinter directed the film, which is about a couple of high school nerds who discover that the curse of the living dead actually makes them one of the "cool kids". I haven't seen this movie yet, but it sounds like a fun ride. Keep it here as we get more info on this film.

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