Fantastic Four News from Comic-Con

Some news from Superherohype has surfaced about the upcoming Marvel film, Fantastic Four. The news comes from the Fantastic Four panel that was held this weekend at the San Diego Comic Con. The F4 panel consisted of Avi Arad (Producer), Ralph Winter (Producer), Tim Story (Director), Ioan Gruffudd (Reed Richards), Jessica Alba (Sue Storm), and Michael Chiklis (Ben Grim).

- The production team has already completed designs for the costumes that the F4 will wear during the movie. Tim Story and Avi Arad were both quoted as saying "these are VERY COOL designs that we think you'll all like...a cross between the early Kirby designs, and the new Ultimate books."

- Tim Story said that The Thing WILL NOT be entirely done in CGI like The Hulk. He said that he doesn't want his actors to constantly have to interact with props, he wants the heart of Chiklis' Ben Grimm to really show through the tough exterior of The Thing, and the only way to do that is to have Chiklis actually there as The Thing. He also went on to say that Chiklis would be in the makeup chair, and would be in full "Thing gear" whenever possible....other shots would of course be CGI, but either way you will really get a feel for The Things power.

- Chiklis said "I can't wait for you guys to see what they've come up with for The's so amazing...I wish you would see it right now!". He went on to say that unlike The Hulk, he would be in the make up chair for "many, many hours". To prepare right now, he is reading to his children with his "Thing teeth" in his mouth to practice sounding out different words.

- Tim Story added that ontop of the designs for the F4, the look they've decided on for Dr. Doom was "awesome." Story said that in keeping with the original look, it is much more "sinister" looking, which he said was fitting for one of the greatest villains of all time.

- One fan asked if Dr. Doom's real name would be "Victor Von Doom" (like it is in the original books), or Victor Van Damme (like it is in the Ultimate F4 books). Tim Story replied by saying "our characters name is Victor VON DOOM"....the crowd seemed to like that a lot.

- Ioan Gruffudd said that although he wasn't a fan of the original F4 books, he has been reading A LOT of them in order to get a better feel for exactly who Reed Richards is, and how he goes from being a brilliant scientist to the leader of the F4. Jessica, and Michael also added that they have been reading the F4 books to better prepare for their roles.

- Avi Arad and Tim Story both said that the set for the Baxter Building is "simply amazing."

- A fan asked if they had found their Dr. Doom yet, to which Tim Story replied "you'll be hearing an announcement in about a week" hints as to who it is other than that "the fans will be pleased."

- Ralph Winter, Avi Arad, and Tim Story addressed the question of whether or not the story would be based on the classic books or the new Ultimate books by saying..."both are great books, the classic has so much heart and feeling to it, while the new Ultimate book gives the story a fresh new feeling, and brings it into today's setting"...basically it'll be a mix of both.

- Avi Arad did mention that F4 was initially supposed to come out before Blade, Spider-Man, X-Men...etc, but due to some "problems" that obviously didn't happen. He said he is glad they waited since their goal is to present the F4 the in a way we all would expect..."with Fantastic FX!"

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