Case 39 Gets Some Direction


A couple of weeks back we learned that Renee Zellweger would be returning to the horror genre with a new film, Case 39. Today, Variety is reporting that German helmer Christian Alvart will be in charge of Paramount Pictures Case 39.

Something else VERY odd happened with this film as well. Apparently the entire cast from Final Destination 3 felt like doing another movie together because a TON of them are going to be doing this film as well. Texas Battle, Sam Easton, Alexz Johnson, Alexa Karter, Crystal Lowe, Ryan Merriman, Chelan Simmons, Kirsten Storms and Alexis Thorpe will all be making an appearance.

Penned by Ray Wright, Case 39 centers on a social worker who saves an abused girl from her parents, but later discovers things are not as they seem. Right now they are on schedule to begin filming in Vancouver this summer.

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