Details on Argento's The Mother of Tears


I have to admit when I first heard that Jace Anderson and Adam Gierasch had been hired to work on Argentos last entry into the Mothers trilogy I was a little doubtful. I really liked their work on The Toolbox Murders Remake but did anyone catch Mortuary? Yea, exactly.

So today when Argento's official U.S. site posted a great little insight into the script for The Mother of Tears all my fears have vanished. Apparentlly the script is looking great but will require a lot of financing. It also sounds like we will finally getting back the old Argento we all grew to love. The psychdellic and insane looking films that he use to make look to be influencing him once again.

"The story is full of marvellous moments (the Mother of Tears bleeds jewels that scorch the skin), outrageous gore (one character becomes a demonic buffet while still alive, someone gets chopped pieces, assorted deaths by medieval torture instruments) and terrific special effects (the Mother licking the tears off crying faces with a giant tongue, Sarah’s guardian angel appearing in powder blown from a compact)."

Sounds like a winner to me! Lets hope that he can get enough financing from his producers so he can make the film that he has been planning for close to 30 years now. You can check out more of what the scooper had to say about the script over at Dark Dreams.

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