Crikey Mate! Its the Monster Hunter!


Now this movie is being billed as a straight up comedy but how can you go wrong if it includes some monsters? Spyglass Entertainment recently picked up a spec script from David Berenbaum for the film Spanky Johnson: Monster Hunter. After nabbing the script they have tapped Dan Fogler to topline.

The story revolves around a man who has been ridiculed his entire life for having a father who claims to be a monster hunter. But when his father dies and he takes over the unusual business, he learns it may not be a lie after all.

It looks as though Spyglass are feeling like the cool kid on the block because they hired Dan Fogler for this film. Apparently he's won a Tony Award and is doing a ton of movies I've never heard of. The Weinstein Company's Fanboys, the Todd Phillips-directed School for Scoundrels and indie film The Marconi Brothers. He'll also provide the lead voice for the Disney animated film Rapunzel Unbraided.

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