Magnolia Scoops Up Severance


The Host PosterMagnolia has been pretty quick to swoop in and pick up foreign films for theatrical distribution here in the states. First they nabbed Pulse, then The Host, and now they have acquired rights to horror-comedy Severance. I have never heard of this film but when I heard it was directed by the same man who brought us Creep, Christopher Smith, I knew it had a lot of potential.

The story revolves around an international arms dealer who rewards his six-member team with a mountain retreat in Eastern Europe. But their agenda quickly changes when they are attacked by a renegade band of soldiers. Acording to Magnolia President Eamonn Bowles it is an "entertaining mix of corporate comedy and slasher film."

The first film out the gate from Magnolia will be The Host sometime this fall. Later this year they plan on releasing the more "commercial" friendly Severance. They feel they will make more money with the later because it is in the english language. But to be honest The Host is one film I wouldn't mind seeing dubbed. It would be like watching an old Godzilla film.

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