The Omen Breaks Box Office Record


Today the box office numbers have come in and when I saw how much The Omen had made I can't help but think that Fox had something to do with it. According to the film has brought in $12,633,666. That makes the Omen the top grossing movie ever on a Tuesday.

If you like at the take again I'm sure you caught the last three numbers "666". Whether that number is accurate or not it is quite a coincidence or maybe just a sign. If you haven't caught the film yet and are still on the ropes you can check out the following reviews. One of them is mine and lets just say that my advice to you is to go out and rent the original with your hard earned cash.

The Omen (2006) Movie Review by moviemanx

Great movie. Here's why. When i first heard of the release date gimmick (released on the 6th day of the 6th month of the 6th year of the century) I actually laughed out loud. I thought to myself, they better make some damn spectacular crack at this remake (spectacular and remake rarely go together ...

The Omen (2006) Movie Review by Goon

Well you can mark me up as a victim of Fox's phenomonal marketing of this film. Releasing this film on 6/6/06 was a stroke of genius and will definetly rake in the cash based on that alone. This marketing machine had everyone talking about the anti-christ and than mentioning the film and showin...

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