Feast Release Date Announced!


Feast PosterMore good news is on the way. Finally Jon Gulager's Feast will be released theatrically on September 22. Now I'm not sure how wide of a release the film will be getting though. I'm afraid they may pull a "Venom" and do no promotion and release the film in about 500 theatres and forget about it.

The ideal release for this film would have been about a year ago right after Project Greenlight aired. It had everyone hyped for the film and ready to go check it out. Now one year later and most of the mainstream fans have probably forgotten the movie exists. Well I have high hopes for the film and everyone I have heard from that has seen the movie says its fantastic. Now we play the waiting game until the release on September 22nd.

On a snowy evening at a rural watering hole, a motley crew of bar patrons struggle to survive a hungry family of flying beasts set on consuming a human buffet.

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