Hatchet Website Re-Launched


Hatchet PosterAdam Green's Hatchet has been making a lot of noise online. Since its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival it has recieved nothing but glowing reviews. I would have to say that having a trio of horror genre icons like Robert Englund, Kane Hodder, and Tony Todd in the film doesn't hurt much either.

Well now that the film is finished and about to be sprung on the general public they have totally revamped the website. The original site was set up before they even began production so now that the film is done they have given it a face lift. You can check out trailers for the film, blog entries from actors and the director, and you can download posters as well.

You can check out the site right here. Make sure you keep it here for more news on Hatchet as its announced.

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