New Photos : Demi Moores Half Light


We have some great new pics for Demi Moores new thriller / horror flick Half Light. It is already on DVD in the US but in the UK you readers will get to catch it in theatres.

Demi Moore stars as Rachael Carson, a successful mystery writer whose life is shattered following the accidental drowning of her 5-year-old son. Knowing she desperately needs solitude and rest, her best friend rents Rachel a secluded cottage in a remote fishing village.

But instead of a peaceful retreat, Rachel finds herself caught up in a supernatural murder mystery that rocks the tranquil town and threatens Rachel's fragile sanity - and her life - in this spooky suspense thriller. You can check out all the Half Light Images Right Here

In case you missed it earlier you can also check out the Demi Moore Half Light Movie Trailer on our sister site MoviesOnline where they posted it some months ago.

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