Another Asian Remake: A Tale of Two Sisters


This is one of the Asian films that has been in turnaround for a long time and I knew eventually that it would remade. It had been rumored at one point that the Olsen twins were going to star. Hopefully that doesn't pan out.

Right now Dreamworks is setting up the project with Tom and Charlie Guard at the helm. The new revised Dreamworks tale will center on modern-day teenage sisters Anna and Alex Rydell who return home from a mental hospital only to find their recovery unraveling because of a cruel stepmother, clueless father and a lingering ghost.

That doesn't sound to different from the original is about. I guess they are just trying to make it seem like they are putting a new spin on the film. The original was directed by Kim Jee-woon and the film was a hit in the box office in Korea.

Production on A Tale of Two Sisters is scheduled to begin this fall. Keep it here for more on this as it comes down the pipeline.

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