Angelina Jolie is Bitten


As we have noticed in the past couple of weeks alot of A-list celebrities have been making the jump into horror movies. Now finally the one celeb I would actually pay to see in a horror film, Angelina Jolie is following suit.

She will be toplining a new werewolf film for Warner Bros. entitled Bitten. The synopsis provided for the film goes like this: A woman, bitten by a werewolf, leaves her wolf pack for a normal human life where she begins a career and falls in love. She is drawn back into the pack when a rogue band of werewolfs threatens the world she now loves.

Yea it sounds alittle bit like a love story wrapped into a horror flick but Angelina Jolie! Have I died and gone to horror heaven? Right now they have not announced a director or any kind of release date so keep it here for more on this project which I will be keeping a close eye on.

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