JAWS 3-D Poster by McFarlane


Jaws has always been one of the great horror films and definetly one of the films out of our genre that really shook the world. So it undoubtedly has a lot of merchandise for it, probably more than it needs. But this piece is really amazing to look at.

I have always considered McFarlane to be one of the best sculptors in the buisness. His work is very detailed and I think that is what some people don't like about some of his work. It doesn't easily move around or change postions so you can pose the figure. However this guy sculpts the figure is what you are gonna get.

Well this time you have to worry about that. This is a 3-D rendering of the original Stephen Spielberg Jaws poster. You will be able to either hang this bad boy up on the wall or set it up on your desk. Either way this thing is gonna look kick ass and I'm sure for some of you horror hounds that work the 9-5 can impress your boss with this on your desk.

Check out the photo below and if you want to see more just give it a click and you can see a bunch more angles of it.

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