Unearthed Films Unveils Frankenhooker DVD Art and More!


Awhile back I finally purchased Frank Henenlotter’s Brain Damage and I found myself in a totally different world. It was such a great movie that I began looking out for more of his films. Well I discovered that one of his films, Frankenhooker, was being released by Unearthed Films with a whack of extras.

Lucky for us Unearthed has finally come forward with the cover art as well as a aproximate release date. Fangoria spoke with the head of Unearthed, Stephen Biro and he told the site, “FRANKENHOOKER is set for—you guessed it, October, just in time for Halloween,” says Unearthed’s Stephen Biro. “This is the uncut director’s version with tons of extras, like you have come to know and love from us, including a commentary by Frank Hennenlotter and Gabe Bartalos; a 19-minute featurette called A Stitch in Time with behind-the-scenes footage and starring Gabe and the rest of the crew; a crazed Jennifer Delora interview and a sneak peek in her scrapbook; and last but not least, an interview with Penthouse Playmate of the Year and Frankenhooker actress Patty Mullen!

Definetly something I will be looking forward to! Also mentioned in the article is Bone Sickness and City of Rott. I have seen City of Rott but the version they will be releasing will have some extra footage and of course some extras on August 8th.

Bone Sickness is another film I have been chomping at the bit to get my hands on. Unearthed is rather slow when it comes to getting movies out the door so I am glad this one will be hitting shelves on August 28th. Once again the director went back and filmed even more bloody and gory scenes for the movie so this is a film I wouldn't pass up.

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