FEED on DVD July 18th


FEED is coming to DVD on July 18th. The new DVD artwork is pretty damn cool I might ad. This is quite seriously one of the most messed up horror movies I have seen in awhile. That said it is also a fantastic movie! Horror fans who like films that cross lines will truly appreciate this movie.  

Phillip is a hotshot cyber crime investigator - one day, while policing the underbelly of the internet, amidst the usual porn and pedophiles, he finds a suspicious website of "feeders" and "gainers" - the weird world of fat erotica, a sexual subculture where fat admiring men ("feeders") seek out obese women ("gainers").

It seems the last "gainer" mysteriously disappeared after hitting 600 pounds. Phillip tracks down the site to Toledo, Ohio in the US. Phillip goes to Ohio determined to prove himself despite the objections of his superior and gets fired. Pushed over the edge and alone, and as the truly monstrous nature of what the Feeder is doing emerges, Phillip becomes an avenger beyond the call of duty - and sanity.

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