Vampiros DVD Winners!


Yes, for the past couple of days this has been put on the back burner but finally we decided we would announce the winners of the Vampiros contest. The following horror fiends can expect to find a nice shiny new Vampiros DVD in their mailbox very soon:

  • Mike Metzler
  • Laura Lowe
  • Michelle Larmour
  • Griselda Lopez
  • Christine Hosie

Jonathan thought that he had it bad when his girlfriend dumped him... but when his friends take him out to a nightclub to forget her, he finds trouble of a dark and deadly kind! The sultry and mysterious Gloria leads him on a night of passion he won't soon forget, and when he awakens in the morning to find her gone, he's left with an unquenchable desire for human blood!

This darkly comic and edgy story follows Jonathan and his friends as they enter the twilight world of vampires in search of Gloria and a cure for insatiable bloodlust.

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