Bill Cunninghams Gore-Met Project!


Bill Cunningham dropped me a line to let me know about his latest upcoming project called "Herschell Gordon Lewis's The Gore Gore Gore-met". Here is what he had to say to all you readers.

Gore-Met is a dark,gore-filled comedy about a restaurant that serves people on the menu. The entire staff is in a tizzy  because they think that on this particular evening secret restaurant critics are amongst their customers and will blow  the dark secret behind their fabulous dishes. In trying to discover the critic, the bodies pile up and the tensions hit  the boiling point as hilarity (and bloody carnage) ensues.

I'm producing the movie with Herschell. Canadian Jeff OBrien  (Insecticidal, Bone Dry) is writing the script based on a story  Herschell had squirreled away for over 40 years. The director is a newcomer named Jonathan Walter who is also producing. We are taking great pains to make it in the same style as  Herschell had back in the day to make this an authentic  "Godfather of Gore" film. In fact, we are making it a period piece so expect to see bullet bras and beehive hairdos right along side the bloody good fun. 

We are in negotiation for financing and distribution right now,  and hope to be shooting by October.Production is in Milwaukee, WI at Launchfilm's studios there.

We wish him all the best on this venture and will keep you informed as he progresses. Keep an eye here as we plan to do an exclusive one on one with him in the very near future.

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