Resident Evil 3 Shooting in Baja Calif


One of our new Forum members owns a house in Mexico and popped in to tell us that shooting is indeed well under way in Mexico for Resident Evil 3.

I am a 64 yr. old grandma and don't think I've ever watched a horror movie in my life.....or ever will. Nevertheless, I can appreciate that not everyone feels the same way I do, each to his own. I own a 2nd home near San Felipe, Mexico. I drove down there Mon. Just a little south of the town of Mexicali (Baja Calif.), the road splits into 2 lanes going south, 2 lanes going north. This is where I can pick up speed as the Mexicans usually drive at a snail's pace. Well, I was really pissed when I saw that one lane on each side for miles and miles was closed to north and southbound traffic.

Nearing one area, there were cars turned upside down, ambulances, cops. I thought there must have been a terrible accident. As I got closer, something looked fishy. The ambulances were made to look very old and dirty and there were no injured people around. Then I saw the cameras and trucks and realized they were filming a movie. Today, I drove back (it's about 120 miles from San Felipe to the Mexicali border) and the movie folks had set up in the Laguna Salada, a huge dry wash about 1/2 way to San Felipe. There is one very large mountain in the wash near the road.

I couldn't believe how many tents, trailers and trucks I saw. On top of the mountain ridge, there must have been 100-200 people who looked more like crew than actors. They had built a small set of chain link fencing and I couldn't see all of it but there was a heliocopter in there and what looked like an oil pumping rig. This is a very large production. Now that I'm home, I did a search to see what was being filmed. I'm disappointed it isn't starring Brad Pitt or Sylvestor Stalone but you guys will be happy. Out of curiosity, I may go see it!

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