The Horror Channel is Dead


Some sad news has been revealed. Today on the forums at Bloody-Disgusting Uncle Creepy one of the great guys that worked over at The Horror Channel has confirmed some whisperings that I have heard over the weekend.. I will let the man himself tell you what has happened to the site and what is happening in the future.

As many of you know by now, I'm no longer associated with The Horror Channel. Along with me they've locked out the entire web team. And why?

Well, there's a lot behind that story. Apparently they've decided to abandon all hope of getting a terrestrial channel on the air in favor of a web channel. That's what some of us have been told, but they haven't gone public with that statement yet. Sorry to spoil your "big announcement," guys. That is not what we all signed on for. That is not what the fans have been promised. I see now they're trying to back peddle on that. We shall see. They have to try to save face, ya know?

Secondly, the guy in command, Nick Psaltos, has made it a habit of berating the team with comments like "your opinions are meaningless" and "your tenure in the company affords you no clout." He's even gone so far as to hand down mantras that we are to recite each day to help "improve our reading comprehension skills" as a means to become better writers. We were even asked not to link to other sites such as Fango and Bloody-Disgusting even if we were reporting on their headlines. There's no integrity in doing that. We said no.

On their forums they've offered up the explanation that we've been misrepresenting the company. How? By sticking to our guns about it being for the fans?

As a result, the next step has been taken by the new regime. We are now locked out of the website. The website we built. The website you loved.

So what's next? We WILL NOT be stopped. We WILL NOT go quietly. We made horror history by becoming one of the biggest and most well respected horror sites out there in just a few short months. That is because of you, the fans. You guys are The Horror Channel. Now the entire team is walking from top to bottom. We will not sell out. We never would. What you're seeing now is not history, it's evolution.

Coming very soon you will see the Dawn of the Dread, the rebirth of . Keep your eyes peeled for more right here.

On a personal note: I just wanted to thank you all for the support you've given us over the last few years. You mean the world to us, and as a result we're gonna keep at it with every fiber of our being.

As for The Horror Channel . . . We wish them well.

But as far as we know....

The revolution will NOT be televised.

- Uncle Creepy

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