Clock Tower Coming to the Big Screen


With all of these video games being turned into films I am very happy to announce that a game I find very deserving of the transfer is now officially in the works. Chilean director Jorge Olguin will be helming Clock Tower for Mayhem Project. According to Variety Olguin made quite an impression when he sent Capcom a set of animated storyboards for Clock Tower, featuring Scissorhands -- the "Clock Tower" villain -- as well as a trailer for the movie based on the script.

Speaking of the script this one will be written by Jake Wade Wall who was responsible for that horrible When A Stranger Calls script. Hopefully he can rebound with this picture. His script concerns a young woman who receives a disturbing phone call from her estranged mother warning her not to come home. When she investigates, she uncovers a terrible supernatural truth from her past.

Clock Tower is one of the best selling video game series of all time. Clock Tower 3 sold over 2 million copies alone. So there will be a lot of pressure to prove to the fans that a successful video game to film project can be done.

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