UPDATED: The Room: The Belgian Shining?


Today I was sent the one sheet for the film The Room along with a trailer. Now I must say while the poster doesn't catch my eye the trailer certainly does. I was also given a rather lenghty synopsis for the film so if you want to get an idea of what you will see in the trailer check it out:

"The meal begins with the usual warm soup and cold argument. A family in turmoil sets about their last meal together before their pregnant daughter moves away. A family friend excuses himself and heads upstairs to use the bathroom….there is a chilling scream… but when they investigate…there is no sign of him at all. He has simply disappeared.

The only clue to where he might have gone is the sudden appearance of an eerie door at the end of the hallway. The door is locked and covered in strange writing. It does not belong in this house. Now every single window in the house is sealed…unbreakable to the heaviest blows. The doors leading outside refuse to budge…secured by an unseen force…The phone lines have gone dead…The family is trapped inside. Unable to break free or to communicate with the outside world, they set about solving this unsettling mystery.

For a long time eldest daughter Melinda (Caroline Veyt) has been the brightest ray of light in this dark home--caring for her recently handicapped brother Alex (Pascal Duquenne), while their parents--a failed musician (Philippe Resimont) and an icy queen (Francois Mignon) look on in scorn. Alex has lived his life anchored in front of the family television…Now his sad eyes may hold the key to unlocking the room upstairs.

One by one each family member is drawn to the terror at the end of the hall…and one by one they disappear inside. As the last scream rings out, Melinda herself must face the mystery that lies behind the door…if she has any hope to escape the house alive."

They were also kind enough to hook us up with a link to the trailer. I must say this movie looks really good. Keep in mind that its all in Belgian but luckily it is all subtitled. This film looks to be low on gore and high on tension, which is something I like to see every once awhile. Its much harder to create a mood than it is to throw some karo syrup and pigs guts on screen. Make sure you stick around because I will be following this one closely.

UPDATE: As you may have noticed I added the full synopsis and I have been told by the folks working on the film that they are working on a English dub of the film. So for all of you who don't like to read your movies, your gonna get covered. Keep your eye on Horror-Movies.ca because word is a U.S. trailer will be released very soon! 

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