Hollow Man 2 Trailer.


Hollowman 2... oh boy its just to easy to shake your head at. The trailer is up on SONY's website and you really do gotta go check it out. Dont you love how the cover art is a complete rip off of the Matrix? Check out the Hollow Man 2 Trailer

The story of Hollow Man 2 revolves around a Seattle detective and a biologist who are on the run from a dangerous invisible assassin gone rogue as well as the government forces that created him. Its said that in the sequel to Paul Verhoeven's SciFi Thriller there will be two Hollow Men. One is good and the other evil, and that the fight scenes will be very spectacular.

The invisibility experiments again affect the subjects both mentally and physically, though now, the characters become mutated once they reappear and the invisible will look almost zombiefied, gruesome and disfigured because their cells are

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