Huge Grind House Update: Roth, Dawson and More!


One of the hottest chicks working in film today, Rosario Dawson, has just revealed that she will be appearing in Quentin Tarantino's half of Grind House titled Death Proof. She let it all be known on FanboyRadio, but their is no mention of what role she will be playing. My guess is she will be one of the unfortunate females to be run down by Mickey Rourke's car.

In other related Grind House news Robert Rodriguez recently spoke with EW about his film. Apparently they really want to give you that Grind House feeling so they have a little scheme they are pulling with there movie. “In my film, we have a missing reel. A sign comes up in the second-half that says 'Missing Reel.' It's like you went on a 20-minute bathroom break and you come back and all hell's broken loose.”

Tarantino was also present during that interview and he was dropping some knowledge about the movie. He revealed that the trailers they will be working on to seperate the two films will also be helmed by two of my favorite directors, Eli Roth and Edgar Wright! Check out the entire interview right here

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