Eat Your Heart Out : A Zombie Love Story

Melissa Bacelar will star in “Eat Your Heart Out: A Zombie Love Story,” the first film for her newly formed Lost Angeles Films, produced in association with Savage Roses Productions. The Los Angeles-based company hopes to help revive the horror film genre by developing projects with character-driven plots and socially provocative themes, as well as creating powerful roles for women in horror, breaking victim stereotypes. Filming will begin in New York in Fall 2006.

“I got my start in horror films and the experiences I’ve had working on them have been invaluable,” said Melissa Bacelar, President/CEO, Lost Angeles Films. “I want to help bring some credibility back to the horror genre and I look forward to creating films that true horror fans can recognize and appreciate.”

Bacelar’s credits include “Strange Things Happen At Sundown;” “Toxic Avenger 4: Citizen Toxie;” “Dawn of the Locusts” and a recurring role on ABC’s “One Life to Live.” She founded The Network Studio acting school (New York/L.A.) in 2004, which offers 30 workshops a month and currently works with over 2000 actors.

“I love strong women in movies,” said Marc Fratto of Insane-O-Rama Productions. “Horror is one of the few genres where it's almost required that the lead role be given to a woman, but rarely do they get to have any of the butt-kicking fun that the guys do. I'd love to see more women bring their perspective to the genre.”

“Eat Your Heart Out: A Zombie Love Story,” also stars Joshua Nelson (“Last Rites of the Dead,”) James Tucker (“Aunt Rose”) will direct and Jeremy Selenfriend (“Monster in My Closet”) will manage special effects. Lost Angeles Films is also developing an animal rights-themed project based on a comic book character created by Bacelar, which earned her a place as a finalist in Stan Lee’s “Who Wants to Be a Superhero,” a reality show developed for SciFi Channel. The savage superheroine will make her online debut next month as a web-based comic book.
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