Special Screenings of The Descent


Great news to all Americans yearning for a chance to see Neil Marshall’s terrifying follow up to Dog Soldiers. For one night, yes one night only on July 26, 2006 at 8pm in 48 US cities Fangoria will be showing The Descent with exclusive content that won’t be shown in theaters. And it will be hosted by Fango’s Editor Tony Timpone. Tickets go on sale on July 14 online at Fangoria.com. So, it would be best to get them online and not go to the box office and find out they are sold out.

Now, to me this sounds friggen awesome. Getting to see Descent before anyone else and with cool stuff no one else will get to see. We all know that the USA gets a different ending from the UK release. Hopefully this special content mentioned will be the UK cut with the original ending and other stuff like a behind the scenes look. That is what I hope and I am defiantly gonna be sitting in front of my computer all through the night of July 13 hitting REFRESH every minute after midnight until it says I can buy a ticket.

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